ITC – Celebrating International Seafarers’ Day on 25/06

🌈 ITC – Celebrating International Seafarers’ Day on 25/06

International Seafarers’ Day 2024 was truly special for ITC as we embarked on a meaningful journey to visit the family of Mr. Mai Huy Hoang – Bosun of the Dolphin 18 ship, a dedicated and active member of our company fleet. We learned that his father is a revolutionary veteran affected by Agent Orange, and the eldest child in the family is also impacted.

Representatives from the company’s management, including Deputy General Director Vu Van Cong and the company’s labor union, had the opportunity to meet, share, and present gifts to the family. Although the gifts were not materially significant, we hope they will help alleviate some of the family’s burdens. The warm reception and genuine affection from Mr. Hoang’s family provided us with great motivation to continue supporting and bringing good values.

Finally, the entire ITC Company extends heartfelt wishes to the family. We wish Mr. Hoang’s father good health and the children to be well-behaved and filial. Please always understand and sympathize with the hard work your son and father are undertaking far from home. And always believe that the future will be bright and shining, just like Mr. Hoang’s name, Mai Huy Hoang!
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