ITC – Achieves Impressive Success with M/V Dolphin 75 in First Participation, Securing 4/5 Stars in Successful RightShip Evaluation

The International Trading and Transport Corporation (ITC) has marked a significant milestone by participating in the RightShip evaluation for the first time with the M/V Dolphin 75 vessel. With an impressive rating of 4 out of 5 stars, ITC has demonstrated its commitment to providing quality and reliable services to its customers.


ITC is one of the leading companies in the international maritime transport sector in Vietnam. With an experienced team and an extensive network of partnerships, ITC has been consistently meeting all customer demands.


Success of ITC Transport with M/V Dolphin 75 in RightShip Evaluation:
Participating in the RightShip evaluation is a crucial step in ITC’s development in delivering quality maritime transport services. With the M/V Dolphin 75, ITC has proven the vessel’s performance and operational quality, earning trust and high praise from the organization. The 4/5-star rating not only reflects the success of the vessel but also highlights ITC’s commitment to service quality.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement:
With positive results in the RightShip evaluation, ITC Transport is committed to continuing to improve and develop its services.

Future Vision:
With a long-term vision, ITC is always striving to achieve the best results towards becoming a reliable and leading choice in the international transport industry. The success of the M/V Dolphin 75 in its first participation in the RightShip evaluation marks a significant development for the company.

The success of the M/V Dolphin 75 in the RightShip evaluation is clear evidence of ITC’s efforts and commitment to providing quality transport services. With a mission to continue improving and developing, ITC is gradually solidifying its position in the industry and relentlessly enhancing its reputation, leading position as one of the top maritime transport companies in Vietnam.